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Welcome to our BEANTIFUL blog!

Thank you for joining us! 

We are setting out on a journey to introduce Spanish Master Coffee roasters Cafe Silvestre and we are barely containing ourselves from taking out Abanico (hand fan in Spain) and airing our flushed cheeks. This blog is a great place for us to share with you details about our products, photos and ideas. Video tutorials and fun recipes, of course we probably wouldn't be able to stay away form some humor, life is beantiful lets enjoy every sip!

Of course you have to experience it for yourself there is no way to describe the aroma, texture and taste these beans produced into a perfect espresso shot.  It makes ALL the coffee drinks more special. 

Start by exploring our line and selecting the blend that best suits your needs, we provided descriptions that we hope will make your first choice exactly what you wanted but we do recommend that you give your tastebuds surprises with new flavors and aromas that are beautifully represented by Cafe Silvestre Roasters.  

So when you are ready place that order > and lets go on a beantiful adventure, or if you have any questions let us know we are here to get to know your tastebuds! 


Language of the “abanico" fan 

                                      Valencia Spain hand holding a fan

Open fan covering your nose “I want to see you”

Open fan covering your chin “I want to talk to you”

Closed fan near the heart: “I love you”

Open fan placed over lips: “Kiss me”

Close fan waving; “I am thinking about it”

Open and closing fan near mouth "I want a Coffee with you" - our interpretation :)